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Tsunami Gems & Beads was originally created by Shawn Hardwick and Lance Louis Carbella. They molded the store with their own gorgeous designs and brought in local artists to contribute to their jewelry inventory. Glass artists, painters, photographers, silver-smiths and the like were exhibited and sold by TG & B. In 2008 I walked in their store and was immediately touched by the energy not only coming from the guys, but the store itself. I was retiring and had just learned to wrap wire when I moved to Ocean Shores, from Southern California. Lance made a big deal about a wire-wrapped pendant I was wearing and asked if I would consider allowing them to sell some of my creations. At that time, I went by the creative name of ImaGemation Jewels. I was flattered and encouraged by the guys and was happy to be given a shelf among their incredible artists.

In 2012 they decided to move to Hawaii and asked if I was interested in the store. I bought the store for two reasons. The first, I wanted the energy of the store to remain unchanged. Others that were interested wanted to make huge changes, or gut it and start anew. I knew what the guys had started worked, and wanted to add my own touches. The second reason was the big work-area.... which means I now have no wire all over my home floors. Right about the time the store transferred to me, I was asked by an Etsy Guild to contribute to the 2012 Emmy Swag bags. I made 100 of my "Beltloop" bracelets that were given to the movie stars and press. There's a "blow-up" picture of Hollywood actress Stephanie Drapeau in the store, standing on the Red-Carpet for the 2013 Oscars, wearing on of these Beltloop bracelets.

I love to bend wire. Truth is, the wire goes where it wants to go. I love the power of the gems. They have the power to energize, to heal, to enlighten, even to absorb. Natural gems are my favorite. But I sometimes can't help using a beautiful man-made gem. I offer classes as well. Most times it's one or two at a time, with 24 hour notice, sitting at the worktable learning to encase a cabochon in Copper, or Red Brass. Sterling Silver is encouraged for novices.The store has quite a variety of handmade creations. I get my soaps all the way from Florida, because no one closer can come close to the sweet scent and soft skin left from the Glycerin soaps the store has carried for nearly 10 years. There's handmade purses, hair barrettes, hair rods. We have incense and soy snaps. Almost all the artwork on the walls is created and offered by Washington artists. We have Czech glass beads, bone beads, glass, gemstone beads. There's findings, tools, even a "Make Your Own" jewelry area. You'll also find a bit of Fine jewelry here. I try hard to have things that are different. If I renamed the store, it would be the "Eclectic" box. We do some jewelry repair and custom orders for one-of-a-kind pieces are welcome. For the website, requests for custom work is still available and welcome. Shop online or come in for an energizing roam around.

As for a Mission... I would say it's to get energizing, beautiful jewelry on everyone, no matter the size of their pocket book. Many of the suppliers of beads for my store contribute to organizations I am proud to support, like the Czech beads which contribute to housing for children, help for trafficked women & children. Some of my beads are from an African vendor, who contributes directly to the welfare of African tribes.

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